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Throughout the many galaxies of The Quantumyth you'll find countless characters,

some human-like, some otherwise...



THE PRIMENTITY -  OLVISUTAR, The Primentity, The one being, they who began all. 

The VOID - ARA, Feminine Aspect Of The Deudephalon, the union of opposites. 

The FORM - ORO, Masculine Aspect Of The Deudephalon, the union of opposites.

THE ELEMENTAL DARK - The elnaru DORTHU, unseen and unheard. The First Element.

The ELEMENTAL Light - The elnaru NAYESH, all-permeating, all-knowing. The Second Element.

THE ELEMENTAL FIRE - The elnaru VAYAR, teacher, warrior and destroyer. The Third Element.

The ELEMENTAL WIND - The elnaru OLUSHA, speaker and traveller, forever fleeting. The Fourth Element.

The ELEMENTAL QUINTESSENCE - The elnaru ZYRTHA, arbiter of elements. The Fifth Element.

The ELEMENTAL EARTH - The elnaru ZAYUR, fertility bringer. The Sixth Element.

The ELEMENTAL WATER - The elnaru KAEDORA, bulwark and keeper. The Seventh Element.

THE ELEMENTAL REFLECTION- The elnaru INUNI, ever the other, never itself. The Eighth Element.

The GOD OF TWILIGHT - The orolei PELKU, the child of DARK and LIGHT.

The GOD OF LIGHTNING - The orolei ZYRDAN, the child of FIRE and LIGHT.

The GOD OF CRYSTAL - The orolei CHITAYA, the child of EARTH and LIGHT.

The GOD OF COLOURS - The orolei ARBOA, the child of WATER and LIGHT.

The GOD OF JOY - The orolei SELKÍ, the child of WIND and LIGHT.

The GOD OF DREAMS - The orolei ERDU, the child of QUINTESSENCE and LIGHT.

The GOD OF WISDOM - The orolei ARATHA, the child of REFLECTION and LIGHT.

The GOD OF FURY - The orolei ARKATH, the child of FIRE and DARK.

The GOD OF CAVES - The orolei DURTHA, the child of EARTH and DARK.

The GOD OF LAKES - The orolei KILKA, the child of WATER and DARK.

The GOD OF TRICKERY - The orolei ZYRAS, the child of WIND and DARK.

The GOD OF NIGHT - The orolei OLKOS, the child of QUINTESSENCE and DARK.

The GOD OF FEAR - The orolei SALOSH, the child of REFLECTION and DARK.

The GOD OF MAGMA - The orolei KORZUN, the child of EARTH and FIRE.

The GOD OF FOG - The orolei ORLOTH, the child of WATER and FIRE.

The GOD OF WARMTH - The orolei ÜLFI, the child of WIND and FIRE.

The GOD OF UNITY - The orolei ALMA, the child of QUINTESSENCE and FIRE.

The GOD OF LUST - The orolei KARESH, the child of REFLECTION and FIRE.

The GOD OF LAND - The orolei ELU, the child of WATER and EARTH.

The GOD OF BIRDS - The orolei RENDIN, the child of WIND and EARTH.

The GOD OF COURAGE - The orolei ALGANA, the child of QUINTESSENCE and EARTH.

The GOD OF SIGHT - The orolei TEYTANI, the child of REFLECTION and EARTH.

The GOD OF RAIN -The orolei  PYRETH, the child of WATER and WIND.

The GOD OF INSPIRATION - The orolei QUYAN, the child of WIND and QUINTESSENCE.

The GOD OF SEAS - The orolei OLETH, the child of WATER and QUINTESSENCE.

The GOD OF CLARITY - The orolei SEMNU, the child of REFLECTION and WIND.

The GOD OF AWARENESS - The orolei ERVUN, the child of REFLECTION and WATER.


The ASPECT OF LOYALTY - The ulaphon BERCYNNION, an aphid-like deity.

The ASPECT OF REMEMBRANCE - The ulaphon RAMANDRAS, an orangutan-like deity.

The ASPECT OF COMPASSION - The ulaphon CHANDARU, a gibbon-like deity.

The ASPECT OF MERCY - The ulaphon KIZRASHIR, a dragonfly-like deity.

The ASPECT OF POWER - The ulaphon TARGAHYNDE, a centaur-like deity.

 The ASPECT OF FAITH - The ulaphon VETHLAS, a wolf-like deity.

The ASPECT OF PLENTY - The ulaphon BEAURANOT, a fish-like deity.

The ASPECT OF DREAD - The ulaphon KOVASHA, a squid-like deity.

The ASPECT OF ARTIFICE - The ulaphon DEMELZE, a monkey-like deity.

The ASPECT OF COALESCENCE - The ulaphon NELSHAN, a clam-like deity.

The ASPECT OF RAGE - The ulaphon ORIFLAMME, a spider-like deity.

The ASPECT OF TREACHERY - The ulaphon RADOMAJ, a panther-like deity.

The ASPECT OF CONFLICT - The ulaphon NALDOROS, an axolotl-like deity.

The ASPECT OF MOURNING - The ulaphon BONAVERE, a horse-like deity.

The ASPECT OF KINSHIP - The ulaphon CLEMAT, an ant-like deity.

The ASPECT OF ANGUISH - The ulaphon VAMRUHAI, a tree-like deity.

The ASPECT OF MADNESS - The ulaphon DHANYAMAT, an ape-like deity.

The ASPECT OF AUTHORITY - The ulaphon KABOKA, a starfish-like deity.

The ASPECT OF REFUSAL - The ulaphon JALHAMPHIRAT, a giraffe-like deity.

The ASPECT OF OBEDIENCE - The ulaphon VOLMAYOON, a donkey-like deity.

The ASPECT OF TRUTH - The ulaphon AULVADYR, a crocodile-like deity.

The ASPECT OF BRAVERY - The ulaphon GASPARDE, a gorilla-like deity.

The ASPECT OF SIGHT - The ulaphon FALMARAJ, an owl-like deity.

The ASPECT OF REBELLION- The ulaphon OSTAVUR, a hyena-like deity.

The ASPECT OF DECEPTION- The ulaphon ZALVANTIS, an octopus-like deity.

The ASPECT OF RECKONING- The ulaphon ELDORETH, a moose-like deity.

The ASPECT OF TRANSIENCE- The ulaphon SHADLEMAIRE, a mouse-like deity.

The ASPECT OF READINESS- The ulaphon ASTAVALUR, a whale-like deity.

The ASPECT OF YOUTH- The ulaphon KALVUNNI, a mantis-like deity.

The ASPECT OF PATIENCE- The ulaphon VEMPATA, a ray-like deity.

The ASPECT OF HASTE- The ulaphon VONDALUR, a cheetah-like deity.

The ASPECT OF HUBRIS- The ulaphon MALPHONSE, an eel-like deity.

The ASPECT OF FOCUS- The ulaphon KUNDALAS, a snake-like deity.

The ASPECT OF FORBEARANCE- The ulaphon RULTHARION, an elk-like deity.

The ASPECT OF BELIEF- The ulaphon GLIMMERDENE, a pelican-like deity.

The ASPECT OF JUXTAPOSITION- The ulaphon VALKAYORNE, a crab-like deity.

The ASPECT OF OPPRESSION- The ulaphon HARNADÛN, a goat-like deity.

The ASPECT OF DISPLACEMENT- The ulaphon HESTAROZE, a mole-like deity.

The ASPECT OF JUSTICE- The ulaphon VULAMSHIVAR, a hound-like deity.

The ASPECT OF INJUSTICE- The ulaphon MALKAVATH, a worm-like deity.

The ASPECT OF FAVOUR- The ulaphon ALMARETH, a trilobite-like deity.

The ASPECT OF JUDGEMENT- The ulaphon ZALMAPHAIRE, a peacock-like deity.

The ASPECT OF ASSURANCE- The ulaphon VESHKA, a cat-like deity.

The ASPECT OF ADORNMENT- The ulaphon KALADEEN, a dragon-like deity.

The ASPECT OF FREEDOM- The ulaphon TALMAVADIR, a seal-like deity.

The ASPECT OF CELEBRATION- The ulaphon KALDORIAS, a frog-like deity.

The ASPECT OF LEARNING- The ulaphon VALUSHANDRA, a anteater-like deity.

The ASPECT OF TRAVEL- The ulaphon NAGARAJAH, lizard-like deity.

The ASPECT OF DESTRUCTION- The ulaphon UYANDAVAR, a shark-like deity.

The RESONANT OF LOVE- The kehoda ALNARI, who resides within the vessel Ray.

The RESONANT OF DESIRE- The kehoda SHEYODI, who resides within the vessel Albert.

The RESONANT OF LEARNING- The kehoda TUJA, who resides within the vessel Tom.

The RESONANT OF WANDERING- The kehoda JANAYO, who resides within the vessel Matteo.

The RESONANT OF DECEPTION- The kehoda THURVA, who resides within a nameless vessel.



The FATHER - The woodfolk garu DALDAS, who volunteers to save the tribe.



The MAGE - The kingsmage  AURETH, who goes to save the princess.  



The NOMAD - The initiate  VALEON, who summons the godhounds. 



KELIA - The eldest sister. 

ARUNA - The younger sister. 

NAMI - The nascent god.



The TAMER - A young spirit-tamer.  

KUVAKA - A kulorn deity (nature spirit), protector of the Elmuni tribe. 



The WIZARD - The owl dragon.  



THE OLD MAN - who enters the Entaph world. Otherwise known as TOM.    

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