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'This is your tale.' - Sheyodi, Resonant Sage




The story of  The Quantumyth's earliest origins begins in 2003, when I wrote The Armourer (now published as Episode 10 of The Quantumyth Saga), a multiple choice story about a magical wooden warrior created in the woods by the emperor's armorer.

In 2004, in the middle of Art class, I created Valmont, the puppet-assassin, who would eventually become the co-protagonist of The Thieves alongside Jalana, his pick-pocket companion.

In 2005, in the middle of French class at Canberra College, I started doodling in my book and created my first-ever pattern art symbol, Ardent. This was before all of my creative works became unified under the Quantumyth banner, and certainly before my pattern art found its place as not only the Quantumyth's Universal Language (Resonant Speech), but also The Evershaping itself - the foundational latticework of existence itself, with each pattern art being a depiction of it.

In 2007 and 2008 I got my first self-designed pattern art tattoos, Nature and Organopy, with a not-fully-formed notion that having them tattooed was an affirmation of my having discovered my own culture, and being proud of who and what I am - a being composed of undulating patterns (atoms and cells).


In 2009, I was living in Queensland, a town called Toowoomba, in the suburb of Rangeville, nearby to a bird sanctuary (birds have a special place not only in The Quantumyth, but in my earliest formative experiences), where I would walk sometimes. I had ensconced myself there in the aftermath of that most heartbreaking of early adulthood experiences - the first break-up. Here I wrote The Shadows and mapped out The Pilgrim and The Spire.

In 2011, I was living in Torrens, Canberra, and after spotting a strange-looking piece of wood (on my drive to feed the horses I was caring for at the time) - a log that had been split down the middle, causing the two sides to tilt towards each other in a way that resembled sad-looking eyebrows (a 'sad lad') - I wrote The Father, starring the brave woodfolk warrior, Daldas ('sad lad' backwards).

In 2013, just as I started University in Canberra, while living at Davey Lodge, I conjured the name Quantumyth when determining a name for the universe of stories I'd started creating a decade ago.


This is when everything became unified:


The chest tattoo I got in 2008Creation, retroactively became a depiction of Void (Ara) and Form (Oro) clashing to create the elements (elnaru), all of my stories up to that point became part of a single shared reality. To mark this moment, with no research into such stories, I opened my unconscious up to the universe and wrote The Origin, which you are about to read.




Pre-nothingness, pre-eternity, pre-existence.

THE EVERSHAPING - an invisible, undulating patternscape.

All eventualities of fate and destiny,


simultaneously nonexistent, ever-shifting and unchangeable.

This invariant stillness shifts because of YOU, the reader:

For when that which is boundless is beheld by one bound by time-space,

eternity itself takes on an enclosed form.

And a closed form is what is needed for life to be:

inhale must become exhale. Life must become death.

To enter existence is to set upon a path to eventual, inevitable expiration.

The beginning, middle and end of a story -

of a life -

of a whole universe - all one and the same.

And so, reality itself stepped forth from the shadows of nothingness.

Because of YOU,

the next breath must be taken. The next thing must happen,

For humans cannot sit placidly, as eternal, all-knowing beings.

We are not the infinite itself - though we are components of it - instead, 


we are its interpreters.

We are not the story - we are its tellers.

And so, this eternal stasis begins to shift, change, morph...

...and with a great rumbling, the vast eternities of all directions began to settle,


into defined forms...

into what we know as the laws of physics, space and time.

The very first shape this new reality takes is of a vast lake,

Spreading into the infinite,

Quietly lapping into the cosmos.

Crawling out of this cosmic lake, a figure emerges...human-shaped,

like you, it's beholder...

For both storyteller and story-listener will always see themselves in every tale.




This figure is known in Resonant Speech as OLVISUTAR, the one who is all -


an androgynous, featureless humanoid with ever-shifting, blue-red molten skin, rippling with eternally self-generating shapes - patterns. Upon the shore of the cosmic lake,


Olvisutar first looked out unto an infinite sea - The nothingness-before-nothingness - And was faced with the true unknown - the vastness beyond. Olvisutar recognised itself as part of, yet separate, from it. It then turned towards the lake, seeing itself once more - more clearly this time - in the reflecting, rippling surface, so akin to the shapes rippling across its skin. A feeling of kinship struck Olvisutar,


So it resolved to sit, and contemplate their oneness with both void and form. This...was The First Meditation: To centre oneself with, and as, the source of one's own creation, recognising that each of the three - void, form, and we ourselves between the two - are one and the same.


This, The First Realisation*, also called The First Truth, was eludaya - of the concept of Duality. Since there are no barriers between reality and imagination in this, the age before age began, at this very moment in our tale, this realisation manifests itself quite literally... - *Eleven other realisations, each with their own anthropomorphic form and accompanying effect on the nascent universe, followed, and their birth is recounted in The Dance & Death Of The Nascentities, a traditional Resonant threnody.




The realisation of duality as a concept causes everything in existence to be split into two, including Olvisutar.


But they do not pass in sadness, for they know that their splitting in two just gave the universe its Spark Of Nascence: the two opposing stones of flint required to create the flame of life - time, space, and everything else.


One half, ARA, the feminine, joins with the infinite uncontainable void,


and the other half, ORO, the masculine, joins with the lake, the realm of physical form.


These two are both immediately drawn to, yet simultaneously repulsed by, one another. And so begins the eternal tale - the masculine and feminine energies, evil and good, light and dark. And they fight, and they dance, and they love, and they hate, and they find familiarity in each other, since each is polar absolute quintessence, yet they also find complete distance and unrelatabilty between them, since each is, quite definitionally, the furthest thing from the other. A tumult of passion, love, revulsion, rejection, acceptance… A whirring buzz of emotions, a mixture of opposites...chaos brought into order, order into chaos, forever. The alchemy...of life*. Besides their inherent union-revulsion, 11 occurrences take place between Ara and Oro, embracing, dancing, loving and conflicting, all recounted in The Ever-Dance Of The Star Guardians, an ancient Resonant sonnet. The push and pull of form and void births the fundamental laws of existence: gravity, positive and negative atoms...the eternity fluctuaings between the opposites. Eight Great Clashes were had between the two lover-rivals, And from each of these eight was born an elemental child.




The ELNARU, The Eternal Eight, born in that ancient age, were so named:


QUINTESSENCE, Zyrtha, arbiter of elements, emerged before all others.


WATER, Kaedora, bulwark and keeper, diffused from formlessness.


WIND, Olusha, speaker and traveller, forever fleeting.


FIRE, Vayar, teacher and warrior, fueller and destroyer.


EARTH, Zayur, fertility bringer, bearer and provider.


DARK, Dorthu, backdrop and receiver, unseen, unheard.


LIGHT, Nayesh, inner and outer, all-permeating, all-knowing.


REFLECTION, Inuni, ever the other, never itself.


Eight fundamental forces, governed over by their eternal bearers, form and void. By their bidding, each of the eight mated once with its seven sibling, each pairing birthing a new god, whose qualities were a blend of the two.. This resulted in the Twenty-Eight God Children, otherwise known as The Gods.




The OROLEI, The Gods, also known as The Deoctean Pantheon, emerged one by one,

the very first life-sparks to grace the still-new world. Each of the elements merged with its seven other counterparts once, creating twenty-eight children. Though inherently androgynous, over time the Resonant scholars have assigned them genders based on their actions, habits and energies.


The union of DARK and LIGHT gave birth to The God of TWILIGHT Pelku,

Upon whose brow rests both burning light and deepest shadow.


The union of FIRE and LIGHT gave birth to The God of LIGHTNING, Zyrdan,

Hands are forever bound in a crackling storm, by his jealous father.


The union of EARTH and LIGHT gave birth to The Goddess of CRYSTALS, Chitaya,

Whose crystal lips cut form from void itself, fated to challenge her great-ancestors, Ara and Oro.


The union of WATER and LIGHT gave birth to The God of COLOURS, Arboa,

Whose serpentine tail and multitudinous arms made possible for him to paint the entire universe.


The union of WIND and LIGHT gave birth to The Goddess of JOY, Selkí,

A loving and jovial light upon the nascent darkness of the world.


The union of ETHER and LIGHT gave birth to The God of DREAMS, Erdu,

Whose craggy visage is as still and somniferous as a calm mountain range.


The union of REFLECTION and LIGHT gave birth to The Goddess of WISDOM, Aratha,

Whose lower body is three serpent heads, each foreknowing of past, present and future.


The union of FIRE and DARK gave birth to The God of FURY, Arkath,

Whose flaming talons and beak are bound tight by the magical seal of her closest sibling.


The union of EARTH and DARK gave birth to The Goddess of CAVES, Durtha,

A monstrous union of snapping tortoise and cephalopod.


The union of WATER and DARK gave birth to The God of LAKES, Kilka,

Along whose arms rivers flow, and in whose heart is kept captive a fiendish foe.


The union of WIND and DARK gave birth to The Goddess of TRICKERY, Zyras,

Whose eyes appear anywhere on their body, the better to spy on her siblings.


The union of ETHER and DARK gave birth to The God of NIGHT, Olkos,

With hair that is itself the void between space and time, guiding many to peril.


The union of REFLECTION and DARK gave birth to The Goddess of FEAR, Salosh,

Beloved of Arkath, who hid his soul amongst the infinite.


The union of EARTH and FIRE gave birth to The God of MAGMA, Korzûn,

Whose sword is the only thing preventing the end of the world.


The union of WATER and FIRE gave birth to The Goddess of FOG, Orloth,

Realms of mist residing in each fingernail.


The union of WIND and FIRE gave birth to The God of WARMTH, Ülfi,

A blazing fire within his stomach, arms wide, benignly smiling.


The union of QUINTESSENCE and FIRE gave birth to The Goddess of UNITY, Alma,

Bearer of Scintilla, the clarion maiden of existence.


The union of REFLECTION and FIRE gave birth to The God of LUST, Karesh,

Aquiline countenance surrounded by many grasping, lustful hands.


The union of EARTH and WATER gave birth to The Goddess of LAND, Elu,

Lips as graceful as a gently undulating mountain range.


The union of EARTH and WIND gave birth to The God of BIRDS, Rendin,

Talons and wings in service to the Star Gods themselves.


The union of EARTH and QUINTESSENCE gave birth to The Goddess of COURAGE, Algana,

Whose gauntlets are able to hold aloft the entirety of existence.


The union of REFLECTION and EARTH gave birth to The God of SIGHT, Teytani,

Three inner eyes above her brow, two hidden eyes blinded to untruth.


The union of WATER and WIND gave birth to The Goddess of RAIN, Pyreth,

Ever at odds with the descendants of Inuni.


The union of QUINTESSENCE and WIND gave birth to The God of INSPIRATION, Quyan,

Whose flowing beard opens to infinite portals to innumerable realms.


The union of WATER and QUINTESSENCE gave birth to The Goddess of SEAS, Oleth,

Keeper of her chosen scions within her watery womb.


The union of REFLECTION and WIND gave birth to The God of CLARITY, Semnu,

Keening eyes ever-alight with purpose.


The union of WATER and REFLECTION gave birth to the Goddess of AWARENESS, Ervûn,

The many-armed holder of all realities.


And at last, the UNION of REFLECTION and ether gave birth to the Goddess of PERCEPTION, Alara,

She who hears all, beloved of Semnu.


These twenty eight gods had many adventures and interminglings as they went about creating all that we know - planets, oceans, stars - everything on our earth and beyond. They too bred among themselves, and had many children, the first generation of which were known as The Aspects.




The ULAPHON, The Aspects, also known as The Deific Shards or The Lesser Gods, were more refined, less-pure versions of their ancestors.


Just as their great-great-grandparent, The Primentity Olvisutar (The One Who Is All) embodied and governed All That Is, their great-grandparents Ara and Oro (The Eternal Pair) embodied and governed Duality, their grandparents (The Elementals) embodied and governed The Elements, and their parents (The Gods) embodied and governed The Fundamentals of emotion, thought and nature, they - The Aspects - embody and govern even more specific attributes, elements and shards of existence.


These are some of them, each with their own wondrous and fantastical forms (whose avatars are able to be summoned by gifted Resonant sages), though their true number is without counting.


PARAVANTHE, ulaphon of summoning - an elegant female whose void-core resonates with all summoners.


NAMDALASH, ulaphon of communion - assembled from marketplace detritus, a kind-hearted demigod.


Bercynnion, ulaphon of loyalty

Ramandras, ulaphon of remembrance Chandaru, ulaphon of compassion Kizrashir, ulaphon of mercy

Targahynde, ulaphon of power

Vethlas, ulaphon of faith Beauranot, ulaphon of plenty Kovasha, ulaphon of fear Demelze, ulaphon of artifice Nelshan, ulaphon of union Oriflamme, ulaphon of rage Radomaj, ulaphon of treachery Naldoros, ulaphon of opposition Bonavere, ulaphon of bereavement Clemat, ulaphon of kinship Vamruhai, ulaphon of anguish Dhanyamat, ulaphon of incongruity Kaboka, ulaphon of authority Jalhamphirat, ulaphon of refusal Volmayoon, ulaphon of supplication Aulvadyr, ulaphon of truth Gasparde, ulaphon of confidence Falmaraj, ulaphon of sight Ostavur, ulaphon of disobedience Zalvantis, ulaphon of deception Eldoreth, ulaphon of reckoning Shadlemaire, ulaphon of transference Astavalur, ulaphon of readiness Kalvunni, ulaphon of youth Vempata, ulaphon of patience Vondalur, ulaphon of haste Malphonse, ulaphon of hubris Kundalas, ulaphon of focus Rultharion, ulaphon of forbearance Glimmerdene, ulaphon of belief Valkayorne, ulaphon of juxtaposition Harnadûn, ulaphon of oppression Hestaroze, ulaphon of displacement Vulamshivar, ulaphon of justice Malkavath, ulaphon of injustice Almareth, ulaphon of favour Zalmaphaire, ulaphon of judgement Veshka, ulaphon of assurance Kaladeen, ulaphon of adornment Talmavadir, ulaphon of free thought Kaldorias, ulaphon of celebration Valushandra, ulaphon of recounting



And just as their forebears did, these entities, too, melded with one another, create yet another generation (the fifth, including Olvisutar). These were known as The Vessels.

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