Discover The Quantumyth in The Hero, the first 'compendium primer' book from Australian interactive-focused multimedia studio, The Quantumyth!


Set in a world of sentient metaphors called Entaphs, The Hero is an 'RPG on Paper' inspired by Final Fantasy, The Dark Crystal and Giant Squid's The Pathless, that tells a story of moving through grief, learning to trust the world again, the power of good over evil, and the importance of balance.


More than just a story, this written and illustrated 'Compendium Primer' by The Quantumyth founder Albert Chessa is filled with art, lore notes and more.


About The Quantumyth


The Quantumyth is an interactive-focused multimedia studio (film, series, animation, publishing and more) devoted to telling '100 stories across 100 years' - inspired by One Thousand and One Nights and the great Norse sagas of old. Each Quantumyth story is simply named - the first, The Armorer, was concieved in 2003 - usually after an archetype, and object, or a simple concept. From this basic premise, Chessa weaves 'pre-interactive parables' infused with his myriad influences, including Tolkien, Star Wars and Jim Henson, writing and illustrating a Compendium Primer for each one: part storybook, part design document for an interactive art team (or any other medium, if there's a willing creative impulse behind it) to then adapt it into other works.


The Quantumyth is also the in-world name for 'all that was, is, and will be, all at once' - shared reality inspired by the indigenous australian concept of The Dreaming, a timeless dimension where countless tales are told.


Chessa's distinctive pattern art, featured in galleries worldwide, is the backdrop for all Quantumyth stories, just as - in the story itself - the patterns are the 'originating force' that shaped creation: each one is a depiction of The Evershaping, an eternally fluctuating field where all acts of creation spring forth from.


Whether experiencing the characters, creatures and stories The Quantumyth in the pages of a Compendium Primer, with a controller in your hand, watching your screen or even on your shelf, Chessa's lifelong mission and hope is to keep the art of mythtelling alive for generations to come.

The Hero: A Quantumyth Story (Hardbound Book)

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