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Between 2020 and 2070, The Quantumyth will gradually reveal one hundred core stories,

written and illustrated by Australian artist and author Albert Chessa. What happens after that, only time will tell...



The Origin - Existence-spanning entity is born.               Reddit | Site PRIMER

The Father - Wooden-faced creatures.                               Reddit | Site PRIMER

The Mage - A mage saves a princess.                                         Reddit | Site PRIMER

The Nomad - A girl summons hounds.                                    Reddit | Site PRIMER

The Sisters - Sisters find a trapped god.                            Reddit | Site PRIMER

The Spirits - Beasts are summoned.                                   RedditSite PRIMER

The Wizard - A girl and an owl-dragon.                               Reddit | Site PRIMER

The Hero - Old man enters a world.                                           Reddit | Site |  PRIMER

The FAMILIAR- Experiment lives in forest.                        Reddit | Site PRIMER

The Wanderer - Lost on a giant ship.                              Reddit | Site PRIMER

The VESSEL - Aristocratic pirates.                                            Reddit | Site PRIMER



The Saviour - Servants save the queen.

The UNITER- A girl unites four tribes.

The FAIRY- Fairies save their forest.

The DEVICE - A spatiotemporal secret.

The MAIDEN- A maiden guided by a stag.

The KNIGHT- A knight enters a tower.

The BROTHERS - Boys survive skinstealers.

The SNATCHERS- Girl taken by creatures.

The DEMONS- Old woman defends town.

The THIEVES- Sleuth and pickpocket.

The ARMORER- Emperor’s armour-maker.

The EXPEDITION - A research team.

The SHADOWS - A man meets shadows.

The PILGRIM - A frozen lighting storm.

The SPIRE - A promised child arrives.

The GODDESS - An astral goddess stirs.

The GIANTS - Children defeat giants.

The NEWBORN - A being on an island.

The GIRL- A girl and her light-beast.

The AWAKENING - A lake beast awakens.

The OFFERING - A teenager is stalked.

The IMPLANT - Hacker-killer on the hunt.

The SCHOOL- Occult kids save their school.

The CHANGE - Herbivores gone feral.

The HEALERS - Five murdered souls.

The SHATTERING- A war god’s tribe.

The SHAMAN - Shaman wakes the dead.

The ARCHER - A groundskeeper assassin.

The ALIGNMENT - Spiritual antibodies heal.

The ELDERS - Elderly become predators.

The TRACKER - Girl travels across galaxy.

The SEEKERS - Noble gunman and companion.

The WEAPON- Floating blade finds a hero.

The TACTICIAN - Private army leader.

The BOND- Reconnecting goddesses.

The CHILD - Spirit returns to source.

The OUTCAST - Imp defeats space shark.

The CREATURE - Crystal-hungry critter.

The SAGES - A pair of magi in the woods.

The WIDOW - Widow enters sky-dungeon.

The FORTRESS - Pig-giants, water-beings.

The SHIFTER - Teleporting violin assassin.

The DIVER - Abandoned orb-city gods.

The WATCHER - Girl-beast in rainforest.

The GUARDIAN- Cab driver saves tribe.

The DOCTOR- Winged plague-doctor.

The PILOT- Shrinkable pterobot squadron.

The CORE - Eel-dragon reborn as girl.

The SEER - Shamaness, panther-storks.

The INVESTIGATOR - Land of vampire-seals.

The TRAVELLER - Cormorant sage and villagers.

The SHAPER - Snow-girl and divine deer.

The RESCUE - Squid-giraffe city rescuers.

The CONTEST - A kaleidoscopic purgatory.

The JOURNEY - Alien journey to new body.

The FLIGHT - Waterwing refugees flee.

The BOY - Mist-ray boy enters labyrinth.

The WOMAN - Rainy city, giant slugs.

The NETWORK - Pyramid sky organisms.

The DAUGHTER - Four-armed void-folk.

The KEEPER - Secret beneath lava library.

The FIGHTER - Streetling to cyberweapon.

The VAULT - A mental message received.

The DWELLERS - Horse-mole folk below.

The DANCER - Eyes that see between worlds.

The CANDLE - Archivist’s speaking candle.

The PAINTING - Death-painting alive.

The CULT - Young mother seeks out cult.

The HUNTER - Bear-shark haunts forest.

The DREAMER - Girl dreams new world.

The SCIENTIST - Bio-tanks shape warfare.

The RACER - Transformation races.

The LOVERS - Swan-possum mounts and new love.

The COLLECTOR - A mud-clay gargoyle city.

The IMPACT- Lightning, surreal events.

The MANOR- Scholars, giant goanna.

The SQUAD - Marshmallow shotgun.

The MASTER - Silent fog surrounds fort.

The ENTITY - Spider-lemur-salamander.

The SPELL - Bog-witch discovers spell.

The MAKER - Sculpture come to life.

The RIDER - The Serpenturtle rider.

The TECHNICIAN - Girl and robotic crew.

The TEACHER - Teacher, flora and fauna.

The SCHOLAR - Girl unearths a civilisation.

The MUSICIAN - Five totem creatures.

The SORCERESS- Woman enjoys powers.

The MELDING- Cities of Glass and Brass.

The BEGINNING - An old man tells a story by a fire.

All names, places and characters are the intellectual property of Albert Chessa © 2021